Capabilities Statement

Hammer Industries, LLC is a construction company founded on the same values that make up the fiber of this countries brave service men and women. Loyalty, Duty, Honor, Respect, Integrity, and Selfless-Service. Hammer Industries, LLC outmatched leadership and innovative approach teamed up with cutting-edge technology are what continues to set our company head and shoulders above the competition.

As the President & CEO of Hammer Industries, LLC I have a clear understanding of the importance of “lead by example leadership.” I am humbled and honored to say every team member that accepts the challenge to be a part of our team, enters into a written contract with my non-negotiable expectations. Be your brother’s keeper, always demand nothing less than 100% percent of all team members, 100% of the time. Regardless of company affiliation. Mentor and train the teammate under you and learn the team members job above you.

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Core Competencies:
Hammer Industries, LLC
is competent in all aspects of the construction industry. We have no limitations. There is no job too big or too small.